The development of current and future individual and collective skills is fundamental.   

Therefore, training is at the heart of our concerns and expectations of our members, and we are committed to finding the best coordination between the different programs that can be covered by the OPCA and our members, the FAFIEC and the FIFPL.

In addition to the classical training formats that will be held in Paris and/or in the region, FAR & MG are researching the possibility of offering its members the opportunity to train more employees through online trainings (webinars) and e-learning, limiting costs and travel time.


Also underway, free trainings in the form of MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) will soon be available for our members.

The trainings programmed, in French or in English, will be focused on the heart of our business, Relocation and Immigration, and related activities such as intercultural management, social skills, and international finances.

They will be designed to meet the needs of level 1 beginners in order to assist members who are starting a new business or recruiting new employees, as well as those who have acquired level 3 experience in order to satisfy the members / employees with a high level of expertise.